So you want to know who I am?

It’s not that easy to tell you.  If you read the blog much, it won’t take long to figure that out.  But here are some of the vital stats:

Name: Kayce, to you

Age: late 20s

Location: somewhere in the southern US, where it gets insanely hot in the summer–and it’s always summer

Marital status: obnoxiously happily married

Occupation: ha, that makes it sound like I have a career…I stay at home with my two boys (PJ, 2 1/2, and BabyN, not yet 1) and eat bon-bons all day and watch soap operas.  I suppose in my job description I’m also supposed to be taking care of the house and cooking, but my generous boss overlooks my negligence in these areas.

Personality: a bit whiny much of the time, cynical most of the rest, but oddly still caring despite the attitude

Hobbies: um, blogging of course, and when I have time I read avidly and play computer games (blame the nerdy husband for getting me addicted)

Pet peeves: too many to list, but among the top few are atrocious grammar and spelling, and stupid people, especially those who are angry at the world because of their own stupidity.  Oh, and tall people.

Fears: fire, sharp objects, stopping on the train tracks in a car, and my children getting sick or dying

Hopes and dreams: that life just keeps getting better from here–I already have everything I could have ever hoped for

Favorite color: yellow

Favorite food: chocolate

Favorite kid: Ha!  It probably depends on the day. 🙂

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