Blogroll Business

November 8, 2008

I updated my blogroll yesterday, like I said I was going to do.  It seems so small now.  I didn’t realize how many dead blogs I had on there.

I’ve checked them and all seem to be working fine.  Still, I’d like it if you checked yours to make sure I have the right title and didn’t accidentally delete it or anything.

And I still want to hear from you if you’re a new reader so that I can add your blog to my blogroll.  I need more to read now that I have so many blogs gone.

Happy Saturday!

Blast from the Past

November 6, 2008

So today I logged into Facebook first thing in the morning to discover I had a friend request.  It was an acquaintance from college, like many of my Facebook friends, but I had to hesitate to add her.  You see, she ended up marrying my first love.

I’ve kept up with Cowboy on and off since the break-up, and in the weeks before his marriage to her, he asked if I would take him back if he left her.  Something similar happened shortly before the birth of their daughter.  He told me that if he’d known where in the city I lived, he would have just shown up at my door.  He only went back to her (he was halfway here) because he didn’t know where to find me.

I thought it was for the best when I moved and never told him my new phone number, and never signed into AIM again.

So as you can imagine, it’s a little creepy having his wife on my friends list now.  From the way he tells it, she was always incredibly jealous of me because of his attachment to me.  I have to wonder if she added me to keep an eye on me or something.  I am one of two friends from college on her friends list (yes, I looked), and she had a crush on the other one back then.

Or I’m just being paranoid.  After all, I only know his side of the story there, and he was never the most emotionally stable guy.  He had a probably with lying pathologically too.  I’m guessing I never should have believed a word he said.

Either way, it was an interesting way to catch up a little on his life through her profile.  They have three kids now.  It looks like things are going well for them.  I’m curious to know more, but it’s probably best if I leave it at that.  If any of what he has told me in the past is true, I’m better off not pushing to know more about their lives over the past four or five years.


Lately I’ve been bothered by how outdated my blogroll is again already.  I have lots of blogs I skip over because they’re dead blogs or haven’t been updated in months (or over a year for one).  People have changed addresses and titles, and I haven’t fixed that here.

So I’m overhauling my blogroll in the next few days.  Please keep an eye on my link to yours in the side to make sure I change it to the right address and have the right title and all that.  Make sure I don’t accidentally delete it too, please.  And of course, I’m always eager to find new blogs to read, so if you read here, let me know and send me the link to your blog so I can add it too.

Just News

May 24, 2007

Sorry, nothing sweet or hilarious to be found here today.  It’s just stuff you probably need to know so you don’t all panic if I start blogging sporadically this weekend.  For all of you Americans reading, you may possibly be aware that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, including a national holiday on Monday giving us a three-day weekend to start the summer.  If you don’t know that, then crawl out from under that rock already!  M and I are celebrating this patriotic weekend by finally visiting my parents and getting an ultrasound.  I’m not exactly sure how that’s patriotic, but whatever.

Anyway, we’re leaving tomorrow afternoon, hopefully shortly after lunch.  I will likely be busy packing all morning, so blogging before we leave may not happen.  I’ll attempt to blog sometime between the time we get there and the time I go to bed, but remember that nobody in my family other than M knows about the blog, so I can’t exactly do that publicly.  Blogging will only happen when I can sneak away with the laptop without looking suspicious.  I know I can always “go take a nap” (thanks Baby for giving me that excuse), but who naps with their laptop, even if it is the treasured birthday/anniversary/Mother’s Day gift?  Creepy.  Even M doesn’t love technology that much.

Still, I will make an effort to blog at least a quick blurb on Saturday when we get home from the sonogram.  It’s at 2:30, central time, and you can factor in at least half an hour travel time before I make it back home.  I also figure the grandmas (yes, both will be there) will want to take me shopping ASAP to buy gender-specific baby stuff just because they can.  I figure the soonest I’ll be able to blog will be 3:30 central time, but it’s much more likely I won’t get to it until much later in the evening.  I don’t mind if you check repeatedly all afternoon to see if I have any news (my blog stats will love it, actually), but I may have to keep you waiting for a while.  Sorry.

We’ll be back sometime on Monday, probably late afternoon.  If I haven’t blogged recently, that’s when you can expect more frequent posts again.

Briefly about the ultrasound…I am starting to be more excited that all the family will be there for it than what we might find out.  I think I might just have come to terms with the idea of having another boy.  Yes, I still want a girl, but my gut still says boy and I’m finally ready to accept that fact.  As long as it’s healthy and obedient (i.e. not deciding to come early), I don’t care.  And if it’s a boy, then we will have the only grandsons on both sides of the family, which should bring some spoilage.  PJ will have someone to play with at family functions who isn’t afraid to get their pretty dresses dirty.  It will also give me the loophole to get M to consider having a third, if indeed I decide to brave this minefield known as pregnancy again.  So having a boy wouldn’t be so bad necessarily.  I don’t think I’ll cringe if the tech finds a “deedle” this time; I’ll leave that for my MIL.

Picture Posts

April 18, 2007

I am about to post my first pictures on this blog, other than my anonymous fat belly.  To keep my privacy, I am password protecting all picture posts.  I have no problem giving out the password to these posts to anyone I trust.  For the record, if you see your blog listed to the side, odds are good I trust you.  If you have commented on the blog before, pretty much ever, I trust you.  If you are a pedophile, don’t even bother asking.

You can find my e-mail address on the sidebar, at the very top so you can’t miss it.  Just e-mail and ask.  If you’re concerned about me keeping your e-mail address, let me know that as well and I’ll delete it after I’ve e-mailed you the password.  I know some of you are kind of paranoid like me.  I will reply to your e-mails either way, whether or not I give you the password, so if you don’t hear back from me, I didn’t get your e-mail.  Does that answer all of your possible password questions?

Okay, I’ve given the picture thing a try, and I’m having issues.  It may be the pictures themselves since blogger doesn’t like them either (I’m trying to upload some of them on the public blog too), but I did nothing different when I took them and downloaded them on my computer.  There’s no reason they shouldn’t work there.  Here, though, they only upload at this ungodly size so that the whole picture won’t show up on the blog at one time.  How do I fix that?  If I need an editing program, then I need someone to talk me through fixing it with Picasa.  I love it, but I’ll admit to its shortcomings.  Resizing a photo is definitely one of those shortcomings.


December 17, 2006

We started our Christmas travels early, thanks to some planning on the part of M’s boss, who scheduled him for a training in the same town as my parents this week. They even pay for the mileage on our car to and from home. Nice, huh? I guess it’s the boss’s way of giving us an extra Christmas present. Anyway, because I’m not at home and will have a weird schedule, my blogging may be sporadic over the next two weeks. If anything monumental happens, I will definitely post that. Otherwise, expect more rants about the in-laws.

By the way, thanks a ton for that comment yesterday Heather. Now I can’t stop thinking about that what-if. If you’re right, it would explain a lot. But I’m afraid to hope too much for that unlikely possibility. I’d hate to be disappointed yet again. Still, I can’t help wondering why I never thought of that. I’ve heard of that happening too.


November 27, 2006

So I took some advice and visited the blogs of my new commenters and left comments as well. But I forgot that the default setting gives my real name and directs people to my other, public blog. That means these people have no idea who I am, that it was me who commented, and if they do figure it out, they’ll have connected me to the other blog.

Stupid me. I need to stop trying to be so productive before noon.

To cover my tracks, I have disabled my profile. That will at least keep people from finding my other blog. If you commented here the other day and had a mysterious comment show up on your blog today–particularly if it thanked you for stopping by my blog–then that was probably me. And now you know my real name. Sorry about the confusion.

The problem has led me to decide it’s time to give some sort of a name here, though. I was wondering how long I could continue to keep myself completely anonymous without any sort of a name. I think I did pretty well to make it this long, but it’s time now.

From here on out, I will be known as Kayce. It’s a pseudonym, yes, but it’s more personal than no name at all.


October 30, 2006

Suddenly I’m tempted to abandon this blog instead of the other one. The one situation I never expected to happen has, and now I see I should have expected it.

I’m left without a place to truly leave my inner thoughts, and I suppose they must remain inner thoughts for the time being. I love the list of links I have here, though, so I won’t leave you altogether. I guess I’ll just post an innocuous post here and there, but don’t expect the honesty and frankness I’ve given you in the rest of the posts.

I’m sorry.

Whaddya Think?

October 25, 2006

It felt like time for a change, maybe to a slightly girlier-looking template. Ok, technically the template didn’t change, but the colors sure did. It makes the whole thing feel differerent, doesn’t it? I think I like it.

Update to Yesterday’s Post

October 5, 2006

I just found out that my older brother and SIL are also heading to my parents’ place this weekend. I’m so excited they get to go too. It also makes the room arrangements somewhat more simple. M was so thrilled they would be coming that he immediately offered to take the worst bed in the worst room so that they could have a nicer room. That means my brother and SIL, who have been actively trying for several years now, will end up in the Conception Bed Room. I guess that means the pressure is off us to have the next grandbaby. I hate the bed we’re ending up in, but it’s worth it this time. After all, both siblings are coming to my parents’ this weekend for the sole reason of celebrating PJ’s birthday.

Speaking of that, though, we are leaving for the birthday celebrations tonight. Things are going to be crazy busy all weekend. (Actually, that should have started already, but I don’t feel like packing quite yet.) If I even get time to blog, I probably won’t blog on this one. There won’t be much privacy there, and M is the only person I actually know who knows about this blog. I would hate to tip any of my family off to this blog unintentionally. For that reason, I will probably stay away from this blog altogether. I also won’t be reading everybody else’s blogs as regularly until Monday (or Tuesday even). I hope everybody has a great weekend, and think about me as I go through blog withdrawal!

Quality Control

September 14, 2006

I didn’t blog at my usual time today. For the life of me, I couldn’t think of anything remotely interesting to discuss. I really still can’t, but I thought I’d at least let everyone know how hard I’m trying to spare you the boring, mundane details of my life. I’ve always hated reading blogs like that. You know the ones I’m talking about:

This morning I woke up to my alarm as always. I didn’t want to get up, but I finally rolled out of bed on the left side this morning…

And on and on and on like that. It’s not interesting reading for anyone! Do you think the authors of those boring blogs will even want to go back and read that in a few days? So keep in mind even when I have an off day that I’m doing the best I can to avoid putting you all to sleep, even if it means not blogging at all.

Speaking of sleep, I fell asleep on the couch last night at 9:30, just shortly after finishing the movie. I slept until noon. How on earth could I be so tired that I fell asleep on the couch? Something ain’t right. Sigh. Visiting a doctor is looking more and more inevitable every day.