My Special Day

May 9, 2008

My birthday ended up being nice.  I didn’t get that nap or nearly any of the phone calls I expected, but they ended up not mattering in the long run.  My parents and hubby did a great job of making my birthday special.  M came home from work with a nasty headache and still made a point to do the things I wanted to do, even when he wanted to take a nap.

The most ironic part of the day was bedtime for the boys.  Of course, M and I had been looking forward to their bedtime, as always, and it had already been delayed because BabyN needed to eat one more time before bed and we had gotten home from eating out kind of late.  Anyway, the schedule was already off, and we were anxious for bedtime.  Then M said those magic words for PJ: “Sleep tight!”  He ran to collect his blankies and pillow, and as he did so, he stumbled and fell right into the coffee table.  Of course.

So we kept them up for another half an hour to make sure that nasty bruise above his left eye was not actually a concussion.  Thankfully it wasn’t.  Still, not exactly the most fun way to end my birthday.

At least we got my traditional birthday pictures before the nasty bruise happened! 🙂

Here are the pictures from yesterday.  (Remember that you will only be able to see them if you’ve been added to my friends on flickr.  E-mail me if that needs to happen.  If you’re on my blogroll or have commented before, then don’t hesitate to ask.  Please.)

I need some advice choosing one picture to use as my new profile photo for my blogger blog.  Any suggestions?

Why Do I Need a Title Anyway?

October 18, 2007

I really don’t feel like writing anything of substance today, not that any of you are reading anyway.  (Yes, I realize that is in large part due to your eventful lives and my lack of commenting on them, but I’m feeling antisocial yet needy again.  Sorry.)  Anyway, I’m planning to put more baby pictures up on flickr today, if BabyN allows me, so go check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.  He’s a cute kid.

 Update: And now that I posted this all of half an hour ago, I have something important I need to post.  Go figure.  M just called to let me know that he found out his dad is in the hospital.  We’re not sure what exactly happened, but it has something to do with colon polyps bursting or something.  He’s in the ICU at the moment, and as we have so little information, we’re a bit worried.  Keep M’s dad and the family in your thoughts and prayers, please.

Bullet Stories

June 25, 2007

 Okay, here are a few of the weekend’s stories, in bulleted form so I’m not as tempted to get long-winded:

  • PJ officially hit twenty pounds on Wednesday night, so we turned his carseat around Thursday night.  Friday’s trip was his first experience facing forward while traveling.  He was surprisingly nonchalant about the whole thing, but he seemed to like being able to see me in the front seat from where he was sitting.
  • Yes, as mentioned last night, the in-laws showed up for the ultrasound.  They didn’t warn us of any of their plans much ahead of time.  We were out running errands when they called to say they were on their way over to my parents’ house to hang out with us before the u/s.  When they heard the plans were to put PJ down for a quick pre-u/s nap when we got home, they suddenly lost interest in hanging out.  They made it over to my parents’ house just barely in time for us to leave in time to make the appointment.  We were a few minutes late because of traffic.  Thanks, in=laws!
  • My MIL made one passive-aggressive comment about the blog but was otherwise mostly well-behaved.  The blog comment rankles (is that the right word?) and makes me hesitate to blog a post I know I really should.  That one will probably nearly start off the new blog, once I’m finally ready to reveal it.
  • I haven’t had a nausea pill since the drive up there, and I don’t feel like I need one.  Yay!
  • I’m finally feeling pregnant enough to be grateful for the special privileges the belly gets me.  I’ve turned down preggie parking at several places that offer it, even when alone with PJ, because I didn’t want to take the privilege from someone who needed it more.  Suddenly now I’m that woman who needs it more, even if someone else can carry PJ in for me.  Walking gets more difficult each day.
  • M and I played some fun car games on the way home.  My favorite one is where we made guesses as to what my brother and SIL are planning to name their baby.  They’re still being secretive about the name.  We listed all sorts of horrendous names like Agatha and Marjorie, but we think they’re going to settle on something somewhat trendy (but not popular) with religious connections.  My guess is something like Madison Grace.  I’ll let you know how close I was when I hear the final name.
  • Oh, did you read all of this just to see if I would post ultrasound pictures?  You didn’t want to see them, did you?  You sure?  Well, okay.  The u/s went really well.  They didn’t do all the measurements like a medical place would, but the tech suspects BabyN is kind of big for his gestational age (like my belly doesn’t already hint at that!).  He is definitely chubby, something I didn’t expect after seeing scrawny PJ a little older, at 31 weeks.  I guess this kid is showing how much he loves chocolate, since he’s making me eat it all the time.  He looks healthy, though, and it’s so encouraging.  It was a really bonding experience, and I’m hoping to write a whole post devoted to that subject later, maybe tomorrow.  And here are the pictures:

If it helps any, in all the pictures, his head is on the left, facing right.  In most of them you can only see the one eye.  BabyN’s mouth is open in this picture, and he has his left hand curled up under his chin.  You might be able to find those tiny fingers if you can’t figure out anything else.

He’s looking down more here, still with his fist up by his face.

This profile picture looks so serene.  It’s a little creepier than the others, but kind of sweet as well.

His whole hand is under his chin here.  You can’t even see his fingers.  I think this might be one of the pictures we got where his eyes were open.  Creepy, isn’t it?

It was so cool to see him moving around just like a real baby in there, flailing his hands around and sucking on his fingers.  We found out that he has rotated around completely.  Before, his head was sitting under my right boob, and he was sitting pretty much straight down from there, almost completely on my right side.  Now he’s in a transverse position, his head on my lower left side and feet and butt on the upper right side.  That’s where I’ve felt all the kicks lately, so it makes sense!  It’s also relieving to hear he’s not in a head-down, ready-for-birth position.  Most women want the baby there, but it tells me that BabyN isn’t getting ready to be born yet.  Maybe I have a while with him yet.  I hope so, now that I’m enjoying the pregnancy again, despite the aching.

The Nursery

June 13, 2007

I had over one hundred pictures to download and sift through.  No wonder I kept putting it off.  Of course, putting it off only made the problem that much worse.  I’m such a procrastinator.

The good news is that I was successful.  I have pictures of the nursery.  That’s about all I’ve managed to wade through so far, but at least you get that much.

Here’s PJ’s side of the room.  You can obviously tell we have a crib-turned-toddler-bed.  He doesn’t actually sleep in the bed very often, but I’m hoping that changes by the time BabyN gets here.  If you look closely at the upper left of the picture, you can see the empty shelf that I’m still debating how to fill.  The bed will soon have an official toddler bedding set, complete with comforter and pillow (just what he needs for the summer), in shades of blue, navy and a lighter (but not baby) blue.

And here is BabyN’s side of the room.  You can see the bedding set I fell in love with.  I particularly love that I can decorate with planes, trains, cars, and trucks, which aren’t too baby-ish for PJ.  We can keep the same basic theme over the next few years and just adjust it as the boys grow.  Oh, yes, and there’s another empty shelf.

You can’t see it, but there will be a cute train rug in the middle of the empty floor.  From there, I don’t know where to go.  Ideas?

And just because it’s too funny, here’s a bad picture of me as a cliche.  You can’t see it because my feet were cut off, but of course they were bare.

Feast for the Eyes

May 29, 2007

Okay, let’s shoot for coherent today, contrary to last night’s post.  Before I get to the highly-anticipated ultrasound photos, I have to share with you how my morning went.  I woke up several hours earlier than normal to intense, shooting pains in my belly.  Before I could panic that something was wrong with BabyN, I quickly felt some lower belly rumblings that convinced me I was feeling the worst gas of my life.  I could barely move.  Breathing only intensified the pain.  I managed to stumble into the bathroom to find our stash of Gas-X and take one, but before it could kick in I got to experience the most excruciating pain of my life.  I was writhing in bed, moaning in pain, broken out in a cold sweat, and praying for death.  And I’m only slightly exaggerating.  In all truth, I was looking fondly back to labor, thinking I would gladly go through that five times over than ever have to feel that kind of pain again.  I called M halfway through the morning to let him know how I felt and that if it didn’t get better, I might need him to come home to care for PJ when he woke up (he blissfully slept very late this morning).  M had been having uncomfortable gas, too, so I’m positive that’s all it was.  Thank goodness it has finally eased up now.  I wish I knew what had caused it, though, because I will avoid that food for the rest of my life if I need to to avoid ever feeling like that again.

On the bright side, I uploaded a few pictures to flickr, as promised.  Here’s the best 3D ultrasound picture of BabyN’s face.  They all still look alien-ish, thanks to his early age, but they should look much more realistic and defined if we make it back there next month.  It’s still cool to see the baby’s face, though, even if he looks more like E.T. than his daddy right now.  And here’s proof that he’s a boy.  Look where the tiny arrow is pointing.  I doubt any of us have any doubts about this shot like that last one.

I downloaded all the pictures from the weekend as well and found some of my favorites.  I’ll save the family ones for the family blog, since they’re most likely the only ones who really care about them anyway, but here’s one of PJ with his new big boy haircut, as I promised last night.  He looks like a tiny miniature pre-schooler, not just an overgrown baby.  It’s amazing the difference one haircut can make.

My mom took some belly pictures before we left yesterday, and I’m hoping to persuade M to take some of me with make-up on later this week.  I’ll post the best of those as soon as they get taken.  I’ve definitely gotten bigger.  My belly button is barely there anymore, and rolling over and getting out of a reclining position have gotten nearly impossible.  I’m goiing to look awfully funny in another three or four months at full-term when I truly am all belly.  Those should make for some interesting pictures, if I can even still stand up at that point.

The Best Birthday Present

May 8, 2007

Thank you for all the birthday wishes I’ve already gotten.  You’ll be glad to know I am feeling a bit better today.  I think whatever it was is on the fast track out of my system, thank goodness.  I just hope M or PJ doesn’t pick it up.

Last year was my first birthday as a wife and mother.  I remember how different the whole day felt to me.  The day wasn’t focused on me, but PJ still, just like every other day.  M did do one thing to make the day special, though, and I will never forget it.  When he finished work that evening, we went outside, me in my new birthday clothes, and he took pictures of me and PJ.  It was such a simple, last-minute type of present, but it has always been the most meaningful to me.  I can’t even remember what else I got last year.  This year, he agreed to do the same.  I put on a new dress my mom sent and put PJ in a non-clashing outfit, and we “posed” for pictures, as much as a nineteen-month-old ever will.  Here are the presents I will treasure the most from today:

a belly shot

just like Daddy

the sweetest picture ever

love this smile

this face cracks me up

The Word of the Day Is…

May 1, 2007

Normal.  Completely, wonderfully, outstandingly normal.  The baby has a heart that pumps blood consistently at about 150 beats per minute.  It has a brain, a perfectly sized head, normal internal organs, all its limbs…everything a baby needs.

 Now what we don’t know for sure is whether the baby has its “boyness.”  I realized last night just how nervous I was about finding out the gender and actually prayed that the baby wouldn’t reveal the gender if I was going to react strongly (i.e. badly) to it.  Then I had a dream that we were decorating the baby’s room–in yellow and green.  Is anybody surprised that we came home from the appointment no more informed than we were when we left?

We know for a fact that we have either an uncooperative or shy baby.  S/he kept those legs crossed throughout the exam.  I can imagine him/her grinning in delight at how well s/he kept her secret a secret.  At one point, though, we got a glimpse of something between the legs that wasn’t immediately identifiable as the umbilical cord (which seemed to be clasped between the legs).  The tech said with a tiny bit of confidence that it was the “deedle,” as she called it.  She said if she was in our place, she would buy boy stuff but keep the receipts.

Fortunately, there was enough doubt about it that I didn’t react strongly at all.  With PJ’s first ultrasound, he was showing off all he had to offer from the second he popped up on the screen.  If this baby had shown that kind of exhibitionism, I probably would have been more disappointed.  Here, I’m left with doubt.  And the doubt has only increased after getting home and scrutinizing the picture we had printed of his “deedle.”  M and I have been debating what exactly it is, but it appears to be either the umbilical cord–again–or possibly even the bone of the leg, and most likely not a “deedle.”  We’re still calling it a he, though, and using the name we’d planned to use for a boy.  Finding out on the day of the birth that it’s actually a girl will be a nice surprise this way.

Because he was being uncooperative, the tech was unable to get a good look at the kidneys.  Just to make sure everything is fine with the kidneys, the tech said the doctor may agree to order another ultrasound for us.  That gives us hope that maybe, just maybe, we’ll have another shot to determine this baby’s gender–as long as he’s being more cooperative on that day.

In the meantime, though, it’s a he.  But we’re not buying blue clothes covered in footballs and dinosaurs.  We’re not that confident what I’m carrying is a boy.  It’s yellow and green for the nursery after all–just in case.

 By the way, links to the sonogram pictures are coming.  I decided to give you all the important information first since I’m guessing some of you have been checking repeatedly for this.  Oh, and when the “deedle” picture shows up, feel free to scrutinize it to see what you think.  Is it really a deedle after all?

Baby’s face in profile

The deedle shot

Thumbs-up (Baby gave a thumbs-up after successfully thwarting us yet again…I know this one is hard to see.)

The spine

A hand

The alien-looking face straight on


April 26, 2007

I finally found what I am pretty sure is a foolproof way to show you pictures without leaving a trace–sort of.  If I upload the photos to flickr, then send you to the picture’s address on flickr (but not post the photo itself here), flickr will only show you the photo if I’ve added you and your flickr account as a friend.  I don’t like asking you to create a flickr account merely to view my photos, but I’m willing to make you make a bit of an effort to protect my own security.

If you don’t already have a flickr account, go here to create one.  Then request to add me as a contact.  If you don’t know how to do that, search (upper right corner) for my e-mail address (top of the blog’s sidebar).  View my profile, then add me as a contact using the link on the right.  They will send me an e-mail letting me know you’ve added me, and I’ll add you right back as long as I can tell who you are (e-mail if you don’t think I will be able to).  This will enable you to see all my private pictures on flickr.

I have my first practice picture here.  I will leave this post up so that you can check whether all this is working by clicking on the link to the picture.  You won’t be able to see it until you’ve signed into your flickr account and I’ve added you as a contact.  (Incidentally, if you’d rather not add me as a contact but want me to add you, e-mail me with that information and your flickr account name or e-mail address so that I can find you.)  Oh, and if you know an easier way to add a contact, please tell me.  I’m still kind of a newbie to flickr and don’t know all the tricks yet.

Questions?  Problems?  Found something I’ve overlooked?  Please let me know in the comments or by e-mail.

Protected: PJ in All His Glory

April 19, 2007

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