TV and Something Weird

February 16, 2007

Let’s start with the something weird. Remember how I stopped nursing almost a week before we found out we were pregnant, nearly six weeks ago now? My milk dried up just like it was supposed to, even though my boobs have just kept growing. Well, this morning when I showered, I noticed my left boob leaking something that was not shower water. After six weeks, my boobs are producing milk again. What?! Is it because I’m pregnant? Or have I just not been “dry” long enough yet? Personally, I’m blaming it on out-of-whack hormones. It’s weird either way.

Since I spend most of my day curled up on the couch in front of the TV, I have started developing strong opinions about all my favorite shows. I don’t normally do this, but after last night in particular, I thought I might share some of those opinions with everyone.

Last night first…if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s time to move out from that rock you’re living under. ***Spoilers*** They wouldn’t really kill off Meredith, right? I mean the show is called Grey’s Anatomy, after all. Izzy’s Anatomy just doesn’t have the same ring. My guess is that this brush with death convinces her of all the reasons she has to live, and by some miracle she’s saved. Something will be different about her, though (obviously). It will drastically change her relationships with her friends, and of course Derek (I refuse to call him McDreamy). For the record, I’m no huge fan of Meredith’s; she annoys the heck out of me (anybody else notice the irritating breath before every line in a dramatic dialogue?). She is far outclassed by all the other actresses on the show. But she’s crucial enough to the plotlines to not just do away with her. I can’t wait for next week.

American Idol: I’m probably a little late to post about this one, but I have a record with the show that I feel compelled to share. Maybe if I start my predictions now, I’ll be able to prove my accuracy once and for all. Ever since I started watching, I’ve predicted a winner by the time they hit the final twelve. My picks usually win, but haven’t come in farther than third ever. I picked Fantasia from her very first audition and never wavered in my choice. I’ll give you my final pick once we hit the final twelve (although I have some rough guesses now), but I predict from even this early stage that it will be another guy this year. They have both the talent and the personality. There’s one girl that might throw things a bit, but I still doubt she comes in higher than second. Stay tuned for specific picks.

Lost: Is anybody else still watching this show? Is it just me, or has the show lost its magic? I watch it because there’s nothing better on then and I usually don’t feel good enough to go do something else. Really, though, I could care less. Kill off Charlie; what do I care anymore? They could kill off the rest of the original cast and it wouldn’t bother me. The show has jumped the shark (that’s the right term, right?).

Kids’ TV: Because of going with the contingency plan most mornings this week, I’ve gotten more than my share of Nick, Jr. I use it to help distract PJ from the change in routine when I normally wouldn’t have the TV on at all in the mornings. We’re long-time fans of The Backyardigans, and my appreciation of the show has mounted this week as I’ve been forced to watch other kids’ shows. How do the rest of you parents stand such shows as Dora and Diego? I think I’ll go crazy if I hear, “Swiper, don’t swipe me” ever again. Moose playing with penguins and hippos are starting to feel realistic compared to these stupid shows. Sigh. The sacrifices I make for my son…

I Believe in Miracles

December 1, 2006

Yesterday morning a severe cold front swept through our area. All the local news shows’ meteorologists made a big deal out of the upcoming cold front, of course. I listened as one of them mentioned that elusive s-word. He said he felt obligated to tell his viewers that there was in fact a slim chance of snow associated with the cold front.

For some reason that s-word triggered a memory in my mind. I live in a part of the country with a very warm climate (no specifics, sorry). It has snowed exactly twice here in the fourteen years I have lived here. The first time was when I was in high school, and there were a few flurries in the air, but nothing even stuck to the ground, or the cars, or anything really. Still, it was a momentous enough occasion that I have the exact date seared into my memory.

The second time it snowed was two years ago. I was visiting my parents at the time, and thrilled because there happened to be snow on the ground there. It was expected to stick around until Christmas. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of a white Christmas since it seemed impossible that it would ever happen, at least while I lived in this area.

You can imagine my disappointment when there were only a few drifts of snow left on Christmas morning. The disappointment was even more acute when the big news story in my parents’ town was the freak snow storm that hit my hometown on Christmas morning while I was away. All the pictures showed that the snow stuck, several inches of it. My hometown had been turned into a Christmas wonderland. It was, without a doubt, a miracle.

During that Christmas vacation, I started talking to a guy on the phone. We’d met online a few weeks earlier, and we were interested enough with each other that we took the relationship to the next level, coincidentally timed during our Christmas vacations. The freak snow in our hometown was one of the first things we discussed. Both of us were away for the holiday and couldn’t believe we had missed the miraculous event. Little did we know that we were starting one of our own.

While I was disappointed to miss the snow, it came at a perfect time in my life, a time when I needed proof that miracles could and did happen. Six weeks later, the guy proposed to me. Three months after that, I was married. M was a miracle in my life, brought to me at the perfect time, and I wonder if I would have accepted it was possible to ever meet the perfect man for me if I hadn’t already seen one Christmas miracle.

We are quickly approaching the two-year anniversary of M’s and my first date. It’s amazing how quickly the two years have passed, yet somehow it feels as if we’ve always been together. I keep hearing that the first year or two of marriage are the most difficult, and I wonder if that is true, then how good can our marriage get? Because this last year and half of marriage and two years of being together have been so easy and natural. If it only goes up from here, then the sky is the limit for how close we can get. I get to look forward to many, many more Christmases with him, and I wonder how many more Christmas miracles await us.

Taking Bets

October 9, 2006

Ok, I’m back from the weekend. It was crazy, and I’ll probably update everyone here with the stories that are too risque to include on my public blog. Can I just say my family is CRAZY? Oh, and I’ll probably have to go ahead and put down the in-law stories, even though I know I kind of told myself I wouldn’t.

With the return from the trip, though, we have kind of entered a new stage in our lives. We are now sort of trying to have another baby. I took my last pill on Friday night. Last night was our first night to go at it completely unprotected since before PJ was born.

So I’m taking bets as to how soon I get pregnant. Here are the relevant details:

1. I started last time on Sept. 29.

2. I went off birth control on Oct. 6.

3. My cycles usually go a little long (32-ish days before PJ, nothing regular since).

4. Getting pregnant last time was too easy, even with birth control.

I’m betting by Thanksgiving I have some news to tell the family. And if for some reason it takes longer, Christmas is almost a sure bet. It won’t be a fun way to spend the holidays, with morning sickness and all, but I can’t wait to get to make that announcement. I’m expecting everything to be totally different from last time, and that possibility excites me.