Yucky Banana

July 25, 2008

It was a normal breakfast.  PJ had a waffle and banana like normal, and Doddledo (remember his stuffed dinosaur friend?) was sitting in PJ’s booster seat waiting on the bites PJ would offer him.  BabyN acted starved, and I couldn’t feed him his own breakfast fast enough.

He was still starving when I finished his usual breakfast, so I offered him a small piece of PJ’s banana, something that happens often.  He loves banana, just like his big brother.

All of a sudden, there was nasty stuff coming out of BabyN’s mouth.  The little stream of vomit quickly escalated into a full-blown volcano.  I attempted to catch it all with his bib, but there was simply too much.

I’m pretty sure it was mucus-related again.  Anytime he’s had too much drainage, that’s how his body copes with it.

In the past, I’ve handled it pretty well, treating it as a simple mess that needed to be cleaned, but today I found myself struggling a lot more.  I couldn’t get out of my mind exactly what it was I was cleaning, and the thought nearly gagged me many, many times.

In fact, I’ve been having lots of tummy issues over the past few days.  There’s been an underlying low-grade nausea that gets worse for a few seconds at a time completely at random, although it seems like it’s connected to thoughts (not that I could pinpoint which ones).  I remember something similar happening in 8th grade, right before I got a nasty stomach virus that kept me out of school for a week and landed me in the ER.  Let’s hope that this time it’s hormone-related or something.

Anyway, BabyN is fine now.  He was already cooing and smiling seconds after it happened, even while covered in his own vomit.  Boy do I wish I could recover from it so easily.

PJ was oddly affected by it, though.  I left him at the table while I went to go change BabyN and finish cleaning him up, but I’m pretty sure PJ didn’t take one more bite after that point.  He kept repeating, “Yucky banana!”  I have to wonder if he thought the banana caused the puke, or that the puke was the banana.  Either way, he recognized just how disgusting the whole event was, and it killed his appetite.

Fortunately they both seem to have forgotten about it already and should be able to eat lunch just fine.  I hope the same will be true for me.