Dirty, Dirty Tomatoes

June 11, 2008

Last night, PJ was turning his nose up at dinner, a special homemade pizza that M and I figured he would love.  When he didn’t eat, M started finding other food to fill his belly until morning so that we could sleep all the way to M’s alarm.  He wasn’t super interested in the piece of bread (it sounds pathetic, but he usually loves nothing more than a piece of plain bread).  So M pulled out the cherry tomatoes that his boss gave him for PJ after hearing about his new love of tomatoes.

M had cut each one in half to make them easier to eat and put them on a plate for him.  PJ started playing with them right away, even before sampling them to see what they were.  After a minute I started watching him because whatever he was doing was apparently quite entertaining, judging by all the giggles.

He started by repeating, “Pi-napple, pi-napple,” (pineapple is his newest favorite food, and he loves saying it) over and over again as he slowly flipped each half-tomato upside-down so that the cut sides were touching the plate.  Then he kept poking at them, sliding them all over the plate.  Soon the repeated “pi-napple” was shortened to “napple.”

This is when I started giggling as well.  “Napple” sounded suspiciously like…well, you can figure it out.  I mentioned that to M, and being the boy he is, he made the connection I’d missed.  On PJ’s plate were a bunch of little red round things poking up, thanks to the way he placed them all face-down on the plate.  They did indeed look like little nipples.

At this point I’d be willing to believe in hilarious coincidences, but the story didn’t end there.

PJ’s giggles got even more uncontrollable as he attempted to say something with a lot of g’s.  It was something like ” gigee, gigee.”  Again M made that leap.  “PJ, are you saying ‘giggity, giggity’?”*

And PJ repeated him almost perfectly, collapsing into giggles again.

I suddenly think perhaps he understands much, much more than M or I gave him credit for.  We’ll be censoring ourselves more than ever now.

*If you don’t watch awful cartoons like we do, “giggity giggity” is a phrase used by a character on Family Guy that is supposed to convey something sexy and somewhat inappropriate.  M repeats it often as his subtle way of letting me know he finds something sexy, even if just in a funny way.  It’s supposed to be a way to be inappropriate around PJ without him understanding what we’re talking about.  Yeah, it’s not working.

And yes, PJ does know what a nipple is.  He’s shown a bit of curiosity when I’ve breastfed BabyN, so I’ve been pretty open about the whole thing.  I didn’t know he’d made the connection that something so natural and matter-of-fact is also a bit dirty.  You think maybe it’s just an innate thing in boys to understand inappropriate things?